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We know life for teenagers in the UAE can be challenging. For young people everything is changing, they are faced with normal teen life challenges whilst dealing with peer pressure, anxiety, low self-esteem, bullying and heartbreak. Hormones are everywhere, parents don’t always get it and everyone is trying to find their independence.

At #iheartME, At #iheartME we offer teen girls aged between, but not limited to, 10-17 years, mentorship and selfcare coaching to deal with challenges they face to thrive in modern society. We aim to build their self-esteem and image so they too can become strong, confident and inspired young ladies.

How we do this

We provide sessions to your young, beautiful teen to build self-confidence whilst teaching them invaluable, fundamental life skills.

We have 3 options of confidence boosting options for teen girls to help build a stronger character and reignite selfesteem whilst teaching them invaluable, fundamental life skills that will help serve them well into their adult years

Become my Best - our full Signature selfcare 12 weeks course

Who I am - our 5 week self discovery course

Confident Me - our 5 hour day session to help understand perception, media and self respect

The Founder

My name is Louisa Burden. I am a born and bred South African living in the UAE for coming close to a decade. Growing up in the African bushveld I was lucky to enjoy the simple life of being a kid, climbing trees, playing cricket in the street, riding bicycle to my hearts content. I too struggled with changes during puberty, paired with having no resources readily available. So I associate and fully understand the difficulty girls can face with the many physical changes during puberty.

As a young lady I have always been fascinated by Anatomy & Physiology paired with selfcare and all things beauty, which led me to study Somatology at TUT (Tswane University of Technology), the old Pretoria Technikon in South Africa. Fast forward 20 years and many years of great experiences like working on Cruise Liners, at some of the best 5 star spa’s in the world, gyms, owning my own salon and even teaching Somatology as a subject in the UAE.

Now living in the UAE I am passionate about teaching teen girls life skills and to help build their confidence and self-esteem . I understands that puberty is a new experience as a parent too and therefore will happily assist parents in guiding their teen daughter(s) in the details of selfcare practices which they will take through the rest of their lives. For this new passion, #iheartME, was established.

If you want to see your daughter grow up to be a happy, strong, confident and independent young lady, you have come to the right place. Contact us now.