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I Heart my Diary

Teenagers and puberty

Puberty… shouting, door slamming, outrage, love, tears, anger, hugs, sleep, forgetfulness, frustration… so much confusion!

Let’s think about it, as a parent of a new pre-teen/adolescent, the last time you had to deal with puberty was when you went through the changes yourself. Chances are you cannot remember much of it or it might have been a very stressful time for you?

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Teenagers and hair removal

We have on average about 4,9 million hair on our entire body. Some you see and some you don’t, yet with their purpose and size, they can make or break your emotions on a daily level.

If you are like me, you probably through your ages have hit very high’s and extreme lows with the hair on your body.

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Teenagers and friends

My Best friend just moved away, what should I do? It is often a very intense experience when someone leaves, either by death or by moving away.

For teenagers it can be extra hard. They depend on the connection!

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Teenagers and holidays

Teenagers and holidays, or should I rather say, looong holidays like the summer holidays?
It really can be frustrating. We, as the experienced mums already know how it will play out, but the kids are so excited a week in advance. They count it down like how they will count down Christmas as a little kid while we make wishes and mental plans for a silent, secluded and sun-filled holiday sans kids and husband.

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Teenagers and chores

Chores and teenagers…
It’s like mixing mints in Pepsi!

Something that I have been thinking and talking about a lot these couple of weeks is how serious we have to take having kids.

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Teenagers and stress

As adults, we know what it means. We feel it every day with deadlines at work or home issues that need resolving or it might be an internal battle we are facing.
Kids also deal with stress. It might be due to exams or something that is going on at home which they cannot make out or some issue in their friend circle.

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Teenage girls and emotions

“I feel fat”
“I have nothing to wear”
“I hate my feet”
“I wish I can be a Victoria Secret model”
Etc, etc, etc…

We all do it. We too easily hold ourselves hostage. We often can think that other people’s lives are easier than ours... especially men’s!

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Sleepovers. Kids love them, some moms dread them.

Is there harmony?

When I was growing up, we used to do many sleepovers in high school. I used to either sleep over at my friend’s house or she at mine. Mostly hers. I can remember riding with my bicycle from the old part of town to the new part of town to her house, as if it was how it should be. There was no other choice. If we wanted to be somewhere else, we had to take our bicycles or we walked.

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What is the big deal with devices?

If technology is the future, why are devices so bitter-sweet or a love-hate relationship?

This surely is a difficult one. There are so many pro’s and con’s with devices and we are yet to find a safe, happy medium.

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Teenagers and homework

Teenagers and homework... It is a love-hate relationship. Perhaps more bitter-sweet in some cases.

I remember when I was doing homework, some days I would love the homework because I enjoy the subject or I understood it, other days I used my master qualification in procrastination to help motivate me to start and finish the homework.

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The teenage brain

Are you trying to figure out the teenage brain?

It is a little confusing at why teenagers are so emotional or why they make decisions on things that you think is not logical. There’s a lot of door slamming and very sudden emotional outbursts. Their superpower at this stage is having all sorts of emotions on repeat, all day.

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The escalating concern for teens

The percentages of teens with negative feelings and responses in the quest to find, what they believe a better person must be, is absolutely shocking. They are high, some almost 100%. These research statistics are taken from, but they are repeated on so many other websites.

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How far is too far?

We should all adopt the PAUSE strategy. When faced with a situation we should pause the moment and have a quick think how the end results will be. Try what you feel comfortable and happy doing. Keep the good, as long as there are no regrets!

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