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Become My Best – 12 Weeks

Our flagship course is designed to help teen girls understand all the areas of selfcare, not just how to practice it, but also WHY (which is often not made clear).

We spend 2 hours on each session to learn new information about the topic, share our experiences, have a practical application and laugh together.

Course runs parallel to school terms.

Course Breakdown

Sessions are approx. 2 hours long and held once a week for 12 weeks.

    • I heart ME

      Learning about ourselves, to be confidently ourselves. Reigniting self-esteem and boosting confidence.

    • Face care

      A practical session to recognise your skin type, identifying your personal homecare routine and explore products for more naturally bright and beautiful skin.

    • Hair care

      How to naturally care for hair you want to keep and explore the different option for the hair you want to remove.

    • Nailcare

      A practical session for healthy nails, understanding good nail nutrition and learning simple tips to drop bad habits.

    • Puberty and Periods

      An in-depth discussion on all the changes around puberty. Including hormones, PMS, periods and more.

    • Communication

      An in-depth discussion about how we communicate with others, assertiveness and how to deal with the ins and outs about social media.

    • Nutrition

      A session we look at the “eat well plate”, adopt good habits and understand how nutrition fuels and energise our body.

    • Exercise & meditation

      Importance and benefits of movement, how it supports our posture and how meditation and mindfulness stimulate better brainpower.

    • Body and mind

      Healthy body, healthy minds though understanding personal hygiene and body care.

    • Dress sensibility

      Age appropriate fashion, correct bra fitting and dressing for own body type and shape. Identifying colours to compliment your own skin tone.

    • Financial fitness

      Being money savvy by creating good money habits. Getting real and practical about money… early.

    • Pamper day!

      Putting everything we have learned in practice. The last session we kick off our shoes and have fun.

If you are interested to find out more or want your daughter to attend our fabulous 12 week course, contact us now.