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Who I Am – 5 Weeks

This is our TeenModelCanvas course that will help teen girls over 9 areas of self-discover realise who they are as a person, why they are unique, who they want to become and at the end of the course she will know herself a lot more.

Up to 2 hours self exploring sessions to realise exactly the person she is, her likes dislikes, what drives her and what her future plans can be. We also work on instilling great daily motivation practices which will help her to be more clear and confident.

A great compliment and predecessor of the Become my best course.

Week 1 - Me!

Discovering me: A detailed discription of myself as seen in the mirror to help me realise how I fit in into my immediate surroundings.

Week 2 - Mind & Body

Mind: We work on our feeling and how to deal with it, our thinking and reasoning and how to make responsible choices.
Body: Getting to know my body and why it is unique to me and my own self. Creating a positive body image and know my exact likes and dislikes.

Week 3 - School & Social

How school life fits into my day, how it influences my life and how to manage it with more confidence. My social status and where I fit into my friendship hierarchy.

Week 4 - Drives & Affirmations

We make very important realisations about what drives us, how to find our strenghts and build on them. We create very effective affirmations to strengthen our character and build daily confidence.

Week 5 - Future

Figuring out what path to take by creating a vision board helping to create a more clear direction into how we see our future and the aspirations we have.

If you are interested to find out more or want your daughter to attend our fabulous 5 week course, contact us now.