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How far is too far

Just one more.

It is just a selfie, it’s not that bad.

It is just a selfie, it’s not that bad.

How do I know when to stop?

Well, the answer is quite simple. You have reached “too far” when you are feeling uncomfortable. When all you want to do or think about is to change or to get out of the situation. “too far” applies to absolutely everything in life, relationship, communication, clothes, finances, grades, exercise, habits. I think you get the picture. Every decision rests on the question of how far am I prepared to go until I feel uncomfortable

Luckily we are all blessed with an “inner voice”. That little voice that they call the 6th sense to warn us in situations that allows us to feel uncomfortable so that we can call it quits before things get too far. Sometimes, in the odd situations, we feel the urge to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves a little. That is also OK, but then it is a comfortable push. Something that makes us feel nervous, a healthy feeling. It is good to discover your limits, to push yourself to achieve something. Something that is in its own essence a good thing. Like when you run for relaxation and health, but you do short distances at a time. It is great to push yourself to do a 5K run even though you have never run that far. At the finish line you will have a medal (if it was a race), a sense of achievement and a new-found pride in your abilities. On the other hand and this is where the difference comes in. Lets assume you go out with friends. You have never taken a drink. You then allow yourself to be persuaded into taking one because you also want to feel “in”, “part of the crowd”, not the “odd one out” or the “party pooper”. Perhaps you do it because you don’t want them to talk behind your back. In the end you feel miserable, forced against your own will, angry, ashamed, filled with regret and like you have betrayed yourself. There is nothing good in what you have achieved.

The difference between the 2 scenarios is the feeling afterwards. We must always think ahead and we should weigh our decisions up very quickly. But, practice makes perfect. The more you do what makes you happy, the better you know yourself and the quicker you say what you feel, despite what others think. You stay true to yourself.

We should all adopt the PAUSE strategy. When faced with a situation we should pause the moment and have a quick think how the end results will be.

Try what you feel comfortable and happy doing. Keep the good, as long as there are no regrets!