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Teenage girls and emotions

“I feel fat”
“I have nothing to wear”
“I hate my feet”
“I wish I can be a Victoria Secret model”
Etc, etc, etc…

We all do it. We too easily hold ourselves hostage. We often can think that other people’s lives are easier than ours... especially men’s!

Our emotions are generally a reflexion of how we feel and we feel from what we see and how we perceive things. It is a scientific fact that the female hormone oestrogen, directly influences the amygdala, the part of the brain that is responsible for our feelings and emotional wellbeing. So, in our female defence, it is not our fault. During our monthly cycle there are 4 hormones at play and they each bring on different feelings and emotions. The video, done by Glamour is an all-time favourite to explain how our body reacts to the different hormonal phases during our monthly cycle.

So, knowing where feelings come from, let’s explore them a little –
Did you know scientists says we have 8 primary innate feelings and LOVE is a combination of any given feeling. They are fear, surprise, joy, acceptance, anger, anticipation, disgust, sadness. What is amazing is that we can smell fear due to a pheromone that is secreted when we are scared. Anger can make us physically sick and it also lowers our immune system, making us susceptible for heart attacks and strokes.

Joy and laughter are contagious, true story. Our brains are incapable to deny the positive effect of laughter by triggering a response in our brain, preparing our facial muscles to mimic with an involuntary smile, which can turn into laughter.

Did you also know that when you blush, your stomach lining blush with you? In fact, our gut plays a very big role in feelings and it is no unknown fact that there is a major gut-brain connection. My friend Ilse from has all the in-depth answers on how to have a healthy brain-gut connection from a nutritional point of view.

When we are in love, we feel butterflies in our stomach.
We get taught from a rather young age that we should follow our gut feeling.
If we are stressed, our stomach pains, feels tight or it is in a knot.
When we get a fright or are very angry, we often feel nauseous or throw up.

It will never stop to fascinate me how our body work together in such microscopic detail and there is so much we can learn from our body. In order to tie all the information together, our ovaries are rules by our brain, which is ruled by our gut, which is affected by our emotions, which in turn responds to outside stimuli.

How we feel and how we “digest” the feelings are something that our brain must work out. Having a healthy brain and thinking process, being kinder to ourselves and recognising when we feel a certain way and how to effectively treat it, we ensure a healthy functional internal ecosystem.

“Laugh and the world laugh with you” - a powerful start to Ella Wheeler Wilcox poem SOLITUDE. Perhaps next time we feel “blugh” we should stand in front of the mirror and smile, then start laughing and soon we will be able to feel better and more energetic. If that fails, we eat chocolate and wait for tomorrow.