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Teenagers and holidays

Teenagers and holidays, or should I rather say, looong holidays like the summer holidays?

It really can be frustrating. We as the experienced mums already know how it will play out, but the kids are so excited a week in advance. They count it down like how they will count down Christmas as a little kid while we make wishes and mental plans for a silent, secluded and sun-filled holiday sans kids and husband. Heck, even going to a wine-forbidden monk retreat in the far outskirts of the Himalayas sounds amazing two days into a holiday.

Here are 10 out of thousands of ideas to keep your teen busy.


1. Organise a camping trip
Invite friends and set up camp in the friend’s house that has the biggest living room to put up tents or one big tent. Do something fun like a make-over or just paint each other’s nails or braid hair. IMPORTANT NOTE: No FIRES!

2. Book an Escape room experience
This is perfect in all areas – it is togetherness with friends and/or family, and it will be mind and body work.

3. Read a book
Yes! Find a book that you know you won’t be able to put down and read it from cover to cover! One that grips you and won’t allow you to do anything else. Completely and utterly ingulf yourself in the book. It is always such a welcoming escape.

4. Learn a new skill
Choose something that you can either go to for classes or learn from YouTube videos. Learning a new skill puts your body in flow, it helps to stimulate your mind and the reward is a sense of accomplishment and pride! But hey, don’t just stick to 1 new skill, there are 60 days, try more! Besides, it will be something you can share with your new friends in September.

5. Bake
Follow the recipe to the tee. Find another recipe and change it up a little, add or take out things to explore the differences. The experience is food for your body and food for your soul, because you’ll gain confidence that you don’t always have to stick to the recipe to get good results.


6. Visit a theme park or waterpark
There are many locations to do so in your area. Go out, get some outside air. Move your body and have some fun. Laughter creates more positive energy in your body and you’ll find that even though you will be exhausted afterwards, you’ll also be filled with some feel good feelings, much needed for your emotions and your immune.

7. Swimming pool and sun
Often swimming pools are something easy to reach if you are in warmer climates. If you don’t have a swimming pool or it is too cold, spend time in the sun. Be very mindful to only get sun to boost your vitamin D and not use it to bake or over tan. We need 20min of sun a day to help with our moods. Easy!

8. Pet sitting
This is a two-fold experience. The love from pets are pure love. It will not just fill your heart with joy, it will also help to fill your pocket. Looking after pets is selfless and it teaches you responsibility and the connection between giving and receiving – you give your time and you receive payment (and love from the pet).

9. Run through sprinkler with your clothes on
Why not just let go of what people will think and do something silly? Put the sprinkler on and run through it with your clothes on. It will definitely make you feel amazing, silly yes, but trust me, there is great reward in just letting go!

Lastly –

10. Try not to complain for a whole day
It might sound like a silly request, but we often don’t realise we complain until we direct our attention to not doing it. Remember: if you didn’t succeed today not to complain, try tomorrow again. All the practice will make a huge difference. Biggest benefit: you’ll see changes in mum also.