Learn to love yourself!

At #iheartME, our aim is to provide the necessary coaching and aid to teenagers, parents and individuals to find
balance and take care of both body and mind. 


Imagine getting up in the
morning and feeling great!
Achieving a state of being
where you are free…


What if you could be free from fears and anxiety, free from stress, free from limiting beliefs, and free from the burden of peer pressure?
What if you could get up in the morning with a feeling of being refreshed after a good night’s rest?
What if you had the confidence and self-worth not to limit yourself and your expectations in life any longer?
Imagine experiencing a sense of freedom in knowing that today is a new day, which beholds the promise of beauty, breakthroughs, and exceeding limitations.
The hurts of the past have been left in the past and no longer dictates your future.



RTT® will give you the freedom to be all of this and to do great things, but most importantly, it will allow you to finally live life to the fullest and be the person you were born to be. 

Through this phenomenal method, you will experience long-lasting effects, obtain freedom from fear, limitations, stress and anxiety.  You will finally be in a position where you are ready to step into the future filled with hope and excitement.

Through RTT® you will also obtain peace and get to know the real you deep within.

In ONLY one to three sessions, you can change your life forever.
RTT® saved my life in many ways, and I have devoted my life as an RTT® Coach to help others, specialising in teenagers, but also providing the same service to parents and other individuals.

I encourage you with love and respect to take the chance, break the chains and experience the freedom you’ve never thought was possible.

A powerful feeling that you are GOOD ENOUGH!


    “Louisa created a safe and trusted space for our session. Her check-ins with me post-session have been both encouraging and welcomed. I especially like the bespoke recording and believe that this is the glue that makes the change stick. The benefits that I have experienced since our RTT® session are amazing and I look forward to seeing further results”. 

    Janine from Australia

    “We need more people like Louisa to help unravel their deep issues in order to solve the bigger problems. Clarity was given to my mind, inner peace was received and “I am ME” now! Louisa GOT me and summed me up so well. And she’s so funny too”.


    “Louisa has great knowledge and was able to put me to ease during our session. It was like I was experiencing the old and the new where I could delve deep into my mind and fix what was broken. She listens well, made me feel at peace and gave me great insight to myself to help me find myself again. Thanks to Louisa I now have a great sense of calmness and feel I’m growing into the man I am meant to be, something that hasn’t happen in a long time. I highly recommend Louisa, she truly adds value to the world”.

    Phillip Neethling, South Africa


Suitable for teenagers, parents or any other individual looking for balance

Selfcare Program

– Teen Model Canvas Workshop
– Covering aspects of Selfcare to boost confidence
– Learn in a safe, regulated environment – all age appropriate

RTT® Program

– Discovery call
– One-on-One Sessions Package (3 months)
– Mentor Sessions
– Ongoing dedication and communication

Anti-Bullying Program

Our Anti-Bullying program will help children to recognise, react, prevent and recover from bullying.

At #iheartME, we purposefully strive to assist you in becoming the best version of you!