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An 8 part activity-based program to help teens self-evaluate who they are, what their purpose is and where they are heading so that they can move forward with a clear view of themselves and their future. Aspects include:

Me – mirror work

Detailed description of self as seen in the mirror so that they realize where they fit in as a person within their immediate surroundings

Body & Mind

Help them to see their body as part of their own self and discover how their mind works in thinking and feeling

School & Social

Helps them realize their connection with school, activities and how peer and friendship can shape their life and future

Drives & Future

They recognize what motivates/drives them so that they can formulate a future plan for themselves

Goals & Affirmations

Working on a powerful tagline/self-declaration and daily goals to motivate and inspire


– Covering aspects of Selfcare to boost confidence
– Learn in a safe, regulated environment – all age appropriate

Face care

A practical session to recognise your skin type, identifying your personal homecare routine and explore products for more naturally bright and beautiful skin.


A practical session for healthy nails, understanding good nail nutrition and learning simple tips to drop bad habits.

Hair care

How to naturally care for hair you want to keep and explore the different option for the hair you want to remove.


Healthy body, understanding personal hygiene and body care.

Puberty and Periods

An in-depth discussion on all the changes around puberty. Including hormones, PMS, periods and more.

Financial fitness

Being money savvy by creating good money habits. Getting real and practical about money… early.

Nutrition & Exercise 

A session we look at the “eat well plate”, adopt good habits and understand how nutrition fuels and energise our body. Importance and benefits of movement, how it supports our posture.

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